Massage Therapy Practice Policies & Client Informed Consent

Healing Hands Massage Therapy is a practice founded on professionalism, and as such, follows a strict code of ethics.

I understand that massage therapy provided by Healing Hands Massage Therapy is therapeutic in nature.

I understand that all services provided by this practice are non-sexual. No sexual conversation or behavior will be tolerated by either the massage therapist or the client at any time. Any inappropriate words, jokes, or suggestions could result in the immediate termination of the massage session.

Massage sessions terminated for inappropriate behavior will be charged the full session fee and this practice will be closed to me without referral.

I agree to fully disclose any currently taken drugs, injuries, previous injuries, chronic conditions, surgeries, diseases, disabilities, etc. It is expected and necessary.

Client Confidentiality will be strictly maintained and honored. The only exceptions to this are concerning credible threats of harm to myself or others, or any revealed illegal / questionable activity involving minors. (As required by law.)

Mobile Services and Travel

I understand that the therapist will arrive at the address that I provide, at the time appointed, and that the client needs to be there.

I understand that I may be charged an additional fee for travel beyond 20 miles or travel longer than 20 minutes.


A single therapeutic session or massage on a random basis is often limited to providing general, nonspecific benefits.

While benefits can be expected, they are not guaranteed. If I hope to achieve my desired results I should also expect to follow the practitioner's recommendations and a treatment plan.

Treatment Plans are most likely to include: follow-up or recurring appointments, exercises, stretches and behavioral modifications. I will participate in a detailed history and assessment process, working with the therapist to determine the most effective treatment plan for achieving my goals.
I understand that re-assessment may be necessary to ultimately achieve my goals.

Cancellation and Re-scheduling

In consideration of other clients and the massage therapist, you should give a 24 hour notice to reschedule or cancel the appointment prior to the appointment time. If cancellation notice or change in the appointment time is not appropriately given, the client *may be charged the full fee.

No-shows will be treated as cancellation without notice and the full fee *could be charged.

In the case of 2 (two) consecutive no-shows, the client could be restricted from future bookings and/or referrals.

Healing Hands Massage Therapy will make every effort to arrive and begin all massage sessions on time. If the therapist is running late, you will be notified as early as possible and given the option to reschedule.

I (client) understand that if I arrive late for my appointment, the remaining time of the appointment will be utilized to provide the best massage bodywork possible in the time available and the full fee will be charged.

I (client) understand that if I am not at the address provided when the therapist arrives my appointment will be considered a no-show.

*The decision to charge for a cancellation or no-show is at the discretion of the therapist.

What to expect...

Massage therapy involves the use of touch, and may at times include the use of oils, lotions, creams, or tools.

Alcohol/drugs and massage DO NOT MIX. The client should refrain from alcohol and/or drug use for at least 12 hours prior to the massage session.

If you are taking or have taken prescription drugs in the past 12 hours, please notify the massage therapist prior to the session.

Clients may undress to their comfort level. Removal of undergarments is optional. All clients will be covered and draped with clean linens at all times. Only the area currently being worked on will be exposed.

Clients 18 years or younger must be accompanied by, and have the consent of, a parent or guardian.

Any client can have a friend or relative accompany them during the massage if they choose.

Personal hygiene is mutually respected on both the part of the client and the massage therapist. Preparing for your massage therapy session with a shower is recommended for the health and safety of both the client and massage therapist. Should either party fail to uphold their hygiene responsibilities, the session may be postponed.

Therapeutic Massage and deep-tissue can occasionally leave you with a feeling of soreness and tenderness that can persist for several days after treatment. You will need to stay hydrated, drinking extra water, during this time to facilitate the removal of toxins and substances that have been flushed out from the tissues. This feeling is normal and expected, especially after the first session. You may feel bruised, however you should NOT be. Actual bruising rarely ever happens and is usually associated with medications or an underlying disease.

Fees are due at the time of service. Gratuities are not included in the price of service. While tips are not expected, they are VERY much appreciated!

Disclosure & Consent

I understand that massage therapists are not licensed to practice medicine and therefore do not diagnose illness or disease; perform spinal manipulations; or prescribe medical treatments. I am aware that massage therapy is not a substitute for medical treatment, medication, or proper diagnosis for any health condition. Any discussion or recommendation by the practitioner will not be considered medical advice. It is recommended that I pursue appropriate health management, by a licensed practitioner, for any condition that I may have.

The general benefits of massage, any cautions or contraindications have been explained to me. I consent to inform the massage therapist of all known physical conditions, mental disorders, medical conditions, and medications. I understand that it is my responsibility to keep the massage therapist updated on any changes in my health status each time that I receive treatment.

I have read the above policies and disclosures of Healing Hands Massage Therapy. I understand them, give my consent, and agree to compliance with them.